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Horse Tack and Saddlery: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Riding Equipment

This handy guide provides comprehensive reference to tack and horse clothing, and considers general and specialist pieces of equipment in all areas of

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David Bowie Colouring Book

A chance to celebrate the one and only fashion king of rock, the master of self-invention, the most visually exciting artist of all time - the late David Bowie.

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To Wee or Not to Wee

Four hilarious retellings of Shakespeare's plays by the Blue Peter Award-winning duo Pamela Butchart and Thomas Flintham. Macbeth - battles, gore,

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Music as Message

The book is designed as an introduction to the basic questions of musical semantics and represents the quintessence of fifty years of the author's researches into music from...

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Shakespeare's Ghost

In Shakespeare's Ghost, Mary Hoffman provides an imaginative answer to one of the great questions about Shakespeare's work: why, from A Midsummer Night's Dream onwards, are his...

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Service of All the Dead

Inspector Morse takes on another intriguing case in Colin Dexter's detective mystery series.

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Mr. Men: Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt

Mr Impossible is organising an Easter egg hunt for all the Mr Men and Little Miss and he is hiding the eggs in the most impossible places. Some are so high that only Mr Tall can...

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Bookkeeping For Dummies

Britain's number-one guide to mastering the art and science of bookkeeping Accurate bookkeeping is crucial to the success of every business but few people relish in this highly...

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First Lady: The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill: Sonia Purnell

Through the Churchills' ' wilderness years' in the 1930s, to Clementine' s desperate efforts to preserve her husband' s health during the struggle against Hitler, Sonia...

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Locke a Key

Features the third and fourth LaK arcs, "Crown of Shadows" and "Keys to the Kingdom," with all - new cover art and design by co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez.

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Rook's Textbook of Dermatology

2016, Griffiths, Ch., 4696

The world s number 1 dermatology information resource Universally respected, Rook s Textbook of Dermatology is the most comprehensive, definitive and best-illustrated reference...

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Hachette Children\'s Books, 2014, Gifford, Clive, 32

The story of technology, from simple gears and levers to high-tech gadgets, with science projects to try yourself, perfect for 8-12 year-olds at home or school.

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Monty Wins the Cup

Egmont, 2012, Sparks, Jake, 48

When Danny Crankshaft's inventor parents build him a racing car for his seventh birthday, he doesn't realise how much it will change his life. Because Monty is more than your...

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In the Dark, In the Woods - Eliza Wass

2016, Eliza Wass, 304, anglické

Castley Cresswell is sixteen. She lives with her three brothers and two sisters in a big house in the woods. Her mom doesn\'t speak and her dad keeps telling her that God hates...

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Sleeping Dogs - Thomas Mogford

2016, Thomas Mogford, 256, anglické

An old friend persuades Gibraltarian lawyer Spike Sanguinetti to take a well-earned rest on Corfu\'s beautiful north-east coast. But when the bloodied body of a young Albanian...

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The Dog Lovers Quotation Book - Jo Brielyn

2016, Jo Brielyn, 86, anglické

Dog lovers are their own kind of breed and who can blame them? Dogs are after all a man\'s best friend. Dogs are goofy, playful, loving, fun, and loyal. They will jump at you...

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Prilepin Z. - Sankia

2016, Prilepin, Z., 354

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Loti P. - Rajasthan

2006, Loti, P., 92

Pierre Loti parcourt le Rajasthan en 1900 alors que la famine décime la population. des palais de contes de fées aux visions bouleversantes du peuple a l’agonie, son récit...

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Rencontres de langues

Hatier Didier, 303

La question a laquelle cet ouvrage tente, a sa façon, de répondre est la suivante: comment s'y prend un locuteur pour communiquer avec un partenaire qui ne parle pas la meme...

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Quand on refuse on dit non - Kourouma A.

2005, Kourouma, A., 160

Ou l'on retrouve Birahima, l'enfant soldat de Allah n'est pas obligé. Maintenant démobilisé, il se débrouille a Daloa, une ville du sud de la Côte-d'Ivoire ou il exerce la...

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Zenatti V. - Une bouteille dans la mer de Gaza

2005, Zenatti, V., 166

C'est une journée ordinaire a Jérusalem, un attentat moyen : un kamikaze dans un café, six morts, deux jours d'info a la télévision. Oui, depuis trois ans, l'horreur est devenue...

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Michaux H. - Un barbare en Asie

Sodis, 1986, Michaux, H., 238

«Quand je vis l'Inde, et quand je vis la Chine, pour la premiere fois, des peuples, sur cette terre, me parurent mériter d'etre réels.Joyeux, je fonçai dans ce réel, persuadé...

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Un thé au Sahara

Sodis, 1980, 289

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Prirodzenoprávna teória v práve Katolíckej cirkvi

Leges, 2016, Veronika Čunderlík Čerbová, 176, slovenské

Monografia pozostáva z piatich kapitol, v ktorých autorka vymedzuje základné pojmy stanovenej témy, spracováva prirodzený zákon od grécko-rímskych čias po sv. Tomáša...

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Notes Bärenreiter - červený


Originální zápisník ve stylu klasického urtextového vydání nakladatelství Bärenreiter. Vhodný dárek pro nejen pro hudebníky. Vnitřní strany jsou vždy rozděleny tak, že na levé...

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First Stories

pohádky na CD a knížce

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J. Ashworth, J. Clark, anglické

A fully-integrated teaching package with a lively, task-based approach. Key features: *It provides imaginative, challenging tasks such as listening mazes, codes, and puzzles,...

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