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2030 Contours of the World Economy 1 A. Maddison

432, 2007, Maddison, Angus

Written by a pioneer in the quantitative and macroeconomic analysis of economic history, this book combines qualitative histories with quantitative data. It also seeks a new...

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Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary For Learners Of English 2nd Edition

448, 2001, Oxford Coll., anglické

Presents the information students need to understand common British and American phrasal verbs. This dictionary shows common subjects and objects to help learners use the...

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Monk - Lewis Matthew

416, OUP, 2016, Matthew Lewis, anglické

The Monk (1796) is a sensational story of temptation and depravity, a masterpiece of Gothic fiction and the first horror novel in English literature. The respected monk...

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Oxford Handbook of ENT and Head&Neck Surgery - Corbridge, R

416, 2009, Steventon, N.

This second edition of a best-selling Oxford Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the practice of ENT and head and neck surgery in a concise, practical, and easily...

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AESOP´S FABLES Oxford World´s Classics New Edition AESOP

352, 2008, Aesop, anglické

'The story goes that a sow who had delivered a whole litter of piglets loudly accosted a lioness. "How many children do you breed?" asked the sow. "I breed only one", said...

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Selfish Gene

464, 2018, Dawkins Richard, anglické

The million copy international bestseller, critically acclaimed and translated into over 25 languages. As influential today as when it was first published, The Selfish Gene has...

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Selfish Gene

384, 2014, Dawkins, R.

This 30th anniversary edition includes a new introduction from the author as well as the original prefaces and foreword, and extracts from early reviews. As relevant and...

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432, 2016, Nick Bostrom, anglické

The human brain has some capabilities that the brains of other animals lack. It is to these distinctive capabilities that our species owes its dominant position. Other animals...

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Walden - Thoreau Henry

448, 2009, THOREAU, H. D.

In 1845 Henry David Thoreau, disdainful of America's growing commercialism and industrialism, left his home town of Concord, Massachusetts to begin a new life alone, in a rough...

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Oxford Learner's Grammar: Grammar Finder

448, Eastwood John, anglické

A fresh approach to grammar through a set of interlinked grammar resources - reference book, practice book, interactive CD-ROM. Overview: The separate reference and practice...

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Oxford English Grammar Course - Basic - Kol.

362, Swan Michael,Walter Catherine, anglické

Based on the highly successful Good Grammar Book. Basic helps your students learn and practise the grammar they need to speak and write in English. Short, clear grammar...

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Category Theory S. Awodey

336, 2010, Steve Awodey

A comprehensive reference to category theory for students and researchers in mathematics, computer science, logic, cognitive science, linguistics, and philosophy. Useful for...

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The Principles of Quantum Mechanics - P. Dirac

328, 1981, Dirac, P.A.M

The first edition of this work appeared in 1930, and its originality won it immediate recognition as a classic of modern physical theory. The fourth e

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The Quantum Theory of Light - R. Loudon

448, 2000, Loudon, Rodney

Provides an introduction to quantum optics, the study of optical effects that cannot be explained by classical theory. The main concern of this book is the theoretical...

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Modern Strategy - C. Gray

426, 1999, Gray, Colin S

Explains how strategic reasoning makes sense of the complexity of war on land, at sea, in the air, in space, and even 'cyberspace'. This book shows how strategy works in all...

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Essential Entomology

328, 2001, McGavin, George C

A guide to the insect orders and to what makes insects special and successful. This book is in three sections: an introduction to insect biology; a section on field work; and...

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328, 2014, Jensen, Eric Frederick

Nearly one hundred years after the death of its composer, the music of Claude Debussy has lost none of its appeal. In this authoritative biography, author Eric Frederick Jensen...

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American Holocaust - Stannard David E

416, Oxford University Press Inc, 1994, Stannard, David E

Arguing that the European and white American destruction of the native American people was the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world, Stannard attempts to set...

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Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know - Friedman A., Singer P. W.

320, Friedman A., Singer P. W.

Dependence on computers has had a transformative effect on human society. Cybernetics is now woven into the core functions of virtually every basic institution, including our...

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Finding Sky

320, 2011, Stirling, Joss

Most of us are doomed to knowing there's something better out there but we can't discover it. What would you do if the hottest guy in school turned out to be your perfect match...

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Discourses, Fragments, Handbook

400, 2014, Epictetus

This is the only complete modern translation of Epictetus's Discourses, together with the Handbook and fragments. A major work of Stoic practical ethics, the Discourses teach...

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341, 2009, HUBBARD, P., anglické

Trainee and practising teachers will benefit enormously from this practical handbook. It includes: classroom techniques covering all four skills; testing; problem classes;...

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A Guide to the Good Life W. Irvine

336, Oxford University Press Inc, 2008, William B. Irvine, anglické

One of the great fears many of us face is that despite all our effort and striving, we will discover at the end that we have wasted our life. In A Guide to the Good Life,...

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Scouting for Boys - Powell A Handbook for - R. Baden

448, 2005, Baden-Powell, Robert

Paperback edition of the first, and only, critical edition of this world-famous book. Scouting For Boys is the original blueprint of the Boy Scout Movement. It is an all-time...

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The Foundations of Buddhism - R. Gethin

352, 1998, Gethin, Rupert

Concentrates on the ideas and practices which constitute the common heritage of the different traditions of Buddhism. From the narrative of the story of the Buddha, through...

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Handbook of Japanese Mythology


Japanese gods, too numerous to count, are known collectively as yaoyorozu-no-kamigami--the eight million. They are the cast of a vast, comple

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Hyperspace (Kaku Michio)

360, 2016, Kaku Michio, anglické

Hyperspace - Michio Kaku Already thoroughly familiar to the seasoned science fiction fan, hyperspace is that realm which enables a spaceship captain to take his ship on a...

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The Flowers of Evil - Charles Baudelaire

464, 2008, BAUDELAIRE, Ch., anglické

The Flowers of Evil, which T. S. Eliot called the greatest example of modern poetry in any language, shocked the literary world of nineteenth century France with its outspoken...

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384, 2008, Aristotle

For many centuries, Aristotle's Physics was the essential starting point for anyone who wished to study the natural sciences. This is the first complete translation since 1930...

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The Poetic Edda Oxford World's Classics Pa... Carolyne Larrington

384, 2014, LARRINGTON, C.

A new edition of the famous collection of Norse-Icelandic mythological and heroic poetry known as the Poetic Edda, with fully revised translations and updated introduction and...

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